Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So, Life ...

Thought it was worth a mini-post just to update.

Let's see:

My book is out. Go Buy It: PHP 5 in Practice

I'm getting ready to leave for my yearly 2 week vacation into the Medieval world. Pennsic War. Looking forward to it this year, however, at the same time I'm not. Why? Because my wife and son won't be with me. My wife suddenly got not one, but TWO Business trips back to back during Pennsic this year.

So, we are all heading up to Pennsic together, then Heather&Ramsey are going to stay a couple days, then leave and head down to Camp Grandma where my son will stay. Heather then flies out of West Virginia to California, then to Florida, then back to West Virginia to pick up Ramsey and come home.

I would have considered keeping Ramsey with me at war. It would be fun to just have father/son. But I have some commitments while there, and on top of that I just don't think that I would want to play the role of single-parent, while camping for 2 weeks, in 98+ degree heat, with a 19 month old.

He will have more fun at Camp Grandma. I'm glad that he and Heather are spending a few days with me at Pennsic though. That will help ease the pain a bit :)

Oh, Also I wanted to mention that I'm presenting at the upcoming PHP|works conference in Toronto. If you happen to be heading out that way.

And work (at is great. Well, that's about it for now.