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Help me choose ... Wii vs. Xbox 360

Ok, so yes, I'm putting this out there to get input from the loving masses that read my blog. Please leave me comments here. I'm curious in other's thoughts.

I'm torn. I've decided that this Christmas I wanna 'ask Santa' for either an Xbox 360, or a Wii. And everytime I think I make a decision, I see something else and change my mind.

For those that don't know me 'as a gamer' as well, let me explain ...

I'm a 30-something low-core gamer (0-10 hours a week). I also have for a long time now, followed a 'scheme' of always buying a gaming system after it's been out a few years, when not only is it cheaper, but all the games for it are cheaper. I also decided a while back that I was tired of dealing with the upgrade cycle to get PC games to play, so stopped playing them.

I went from my Nintendo NES (kept it for a long time while doing PC games), to buying a Dreamcast, just a few months before they stopped making them. It was great, because all the accessories/games/etc dropped down really cheap. I was buying a couple games a week at $5 a pop.

I then, now a year or two ago, bought a Gamecube at a yardsale for $50 (including games/controllers). I've really enjoyed it, and I still find good 'cheap games' for it. There are still a few 'killer games' I wanna get for it, so it's not a dead console in my mind, in fact, with the release of the Wii, games for the Cube will start dropping in price more probably.

(Oh, and I do still have my NES, and an Atari 2600 hooked up as well)

So, Why am I looking at an Xbox 360, or a Wii?

A few reasons. First of all, I actually tried to get a 'free Xbox' a while back, just before the Xbox 360 came out. I figured that it was about time for the Xbox games to start getting cheaper. Well, I never ended up getting it. But I was choosing Xbox over PS2 because of it having some great games that I really wanted to play ... also because of it's graphics 'on the average game' being better.

Once the 360 was out, and I started seeing it in stores, and seeing demos online/etc ... I was floored. The graphics are absolutely AMAZING. I mean AMAZING ... and I've got this HDTV sitting there running DVDs and crappy ReplayTV video right now. The idea of getting an 'old Xbox' stopped appealing to me. Plus hey, I could still buy 'old games' (some of them at least) and play them on the 360. I liked that idea.

Then, here comes the Wii. The Wii has alot going for it (unfortunately not the name). I think that the controller, if it works, is amazing. I can't wait for sword fighting games, for 3rd person shooters where you point and click, etc. I think it will be fun. On top of that, I think my wife would enjoy playing alot of the Wii games, for the 'simple interface' aspect. On top of that, I think my ~2 year old son, would probably get a kick out of some of the games, even while he is a bit young to understand how to use an Xbox/GameCube/etc controller, if he can hold a Wiimote in his hands and move it around, and see that the screen is doing something in response. He 'might' have a blast.

On top of that, I just realized (I'm sure it's been out for a while, but it was news to me), that the Wii is completely GameCube backwards compatible. It will play all of the games, it has a side panel that opens and accepts a GameCube memory card, and GameCube controllers. This is great, since it means I could actually retire the GameCube (ie, not need to keep it hooked up as well, which I will want to do if I get the 360). Also, my GameCube's laser focus is starting to go, and I've already had to adjust the power level up twice on it. It might eventually totally go. At which point I'd need a replacement anyway.

Oh, and I love that the Wii uses regular SD cards for memory, that's brilliant, especially since I'm an SD card house ... We have 2 digital cameras that use SD cards, MP3 players that use them, SD card readers for the computers, GPS devices that use them, etc.

So, as I think you can see, I'm torn. Really torn.


Xbox 360:
  • AMAZING Graphics.
  • Well 'burned in' by now.
  • Lots of great games, and more coming.
  • Prices on games dropping.
  • Can play 'some' Xbox games.
  • $400 or cheaper (sales) to get going.

  • Innovative interface.
  • Potentially fun for whole family.
  • SD cards for memory.
  • GameCube Compatible.
  • $250 to get going
  • Con: Brand New, Completely Untested
So, what do you think? Given my situation, what would you do? Get 360? Get Wii? Heck, or wait even longer and just keep enjoying my GameCube as I currently am?

Please leave me comments for advice and your own thoughts.


Blogger Mazin Elfehaid said...

it's a tough choice. X-box 360 really does have some interesting/fun/awesome looking games.

for me though, i'm going with the wii.

My reason is basically this: I have played games since the NES. This generation I bought Gamecube and Xbox-- and was kind of left feeling like "great these are nice graphics, but the gameplay is getting a tad bit repettetive"

I feel this way about a lot of 360 games-- great graphics, but nothing new in way of gameplay mechanics.

in fact, before the wii was announced, I even considered not buying video game systems anymore.

the wii seems to have changed this all-- and i really am excited about this novel approach.

7:43 AM  
Blogger dorfl said...

After living in doubt for about 3 months, I purchased an xbox360.. the graphics were just so damn appealing... but believe me when I say that's about all you get out of it. I have most games that are out and the main reason you put on a certain game, is 'cause of the way it looks. Some games tend to load too much, start to run slow when little action is happening,.. the console heats up very, very, very fast and sometimes makes a LOT of noise. Another thing, the console tens to freeze of cash. One time I was playing a demo, the system crashed for no apparent reason and now the entire thing is useless. I have since bought a new one even tho I know the same is bound to happen within the next couple of months. Best thing about the 360 is the 'xbox live marketplace' where you can download demo's, arcadegames and game video's. But after seeing the Wii Channels... well that's your marketplace killer right there. you can not surf the web with a 360, you cannot check the weather, you cannot create a virtual character and so on. Go for the Wii my friend, as your wife and kids will enjoy playing on it too. It's also the better choice for those moments you really don't have much time.. you do not want to wait 10 minutes before you're in the start menu of a game like you will have on a 360.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Shadow said...

Hey man,
I say you go with the Wii.
The Wii's got everything inovative design and it gets you into the game (unlike the 360). I've always bin a playstation and nintendo fan. The Wii's the cheapest and i think the best out of all of them. But it's your chose man chose whatever you want.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having just purchased a wii with a lot of the same thoughts as you I figured I better post. I did not buy an X360 or a PS3. But have been excited about the wii ever since I saw the comercial for the remote! I have small children (6, 4, 1.5, and 3 weeks) and my oldest had a hard time playing PS2 games. I do not have the kind of time I used to for investing in gaming each week. So spending hours at a time in front of the tv was not an option for me either. The wii seemed to solve all that. I also had not played my PS2 for almost 1 year before I sold it 3 months ago. It was not for lack of graphics, but lack of game play. The sense of "been there, done that" seemed to pop up all the time. You played on Gran Turismo game you really have played them all. Or one Hockey game you have played them all. There was nothing really new that can be done. And with the X360 controller not ANY of an improvement over the old one, you cant expect any better game play options than before. The wii has endless possibilties for control. ANd my children have already fallen in love with the Wii sports game. Not to mention if you get the wii you can retire your NES as well since this has the virtual console for NES, Super nes, N64 and even Genesis and TG16. So in effect you have ALL the great games of the past on one system and the inovation of the next gen system. All in a package that takes up 1/8 the space of the X360 or PS3. You cant lose with the Wii in my opinion.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on recent online poll, Wii is leading the pack, leaving xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for 2nd and 3rd. Apparently, people enjoy the wii unique controllers and reasonable price as opposed to Xbox 360 and PS3 High-Definition features of the other 2.

See for yourself: http://todayspolls.googlepages.com/home4

10:16 PM  
Blogger gammer101 said...

if i was you i would go with the wii. the wii dosent have as good graphics but there pretty good. the 1 bad thing with the 360 is that it does not play some of the older xbox games. and the wii will play games as far back as the nes. and you said that you had the nes ans atari, im not shure if it will play atari games but you could go to more yard sales to get nes, snes, n64 and gamecube games for cheap.

so you should go with the wii because it more fun for you and you're family.

11:42 PM  
Blogger gammer101 said...

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11:42 PM  
Blogger mrevil said...

i say you go for the nintendo wii
it is more fun
i have both consoles and the Xbox always overheats or the games freeze
wii however never freezes is for family aswell as one and the games last
the wireless controls also work upstairs in me house wen the wii is down stairs!!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Armor said...

If you want the graphics go for the 360. Wii cannot compete and does not support the 1080p or other hi res. If you are looking at just the games. Think about if you like Mario games or games more focused on puzzles or interactive games that use the wii joystick go that way. Other wise if graphics, a wide array of games are your thing stick with the 360 for sure. Stay away from PS3 games selection is too low and no difference in graphics than 360. Heating up is not a problem just spring for the cooler that is less than $40 dollars online. It is worth it. If I have to pick just 1 it is 360 for me. I own them both anb I use 360 more! It the Graphics are just too good. Dave Armor

9:53 PM  
Blogger Brian T. said...

Dude you should definitely get a Wii. The interactive gameplay is awesome, there's nothing like! If you did get the wii, you definitely made the right decision.


10:16 PM  
Blogger nw5785 said...

I read through all the comments and I am another person who id debating on whether I should get the xBox 360, pS3, or the favored Wii and i think after all the comments I read on this blog and other blogs I will be going for the Wii however I'm still not completely sold because I like the idea of great graphics on the xBox 360 and blue ray on the Ps3 I have not bought a game system since Super Nintendo but have played my friend's wii and xbox 360 so i have experience with both but never played the ps3. played ps2 but it was not anything special for me. this blog and the comments were very helpful i may just buy both the xBox and the wii.....we'll see

11:25 AM  
Blogger FaiSumHoiLok said...

I am in the same situation as you right now Eli. I am a huge Halo fan and would go so far as to say its the best game ever made. But thats my opinion. I would even buy a 360 just for HALO! mental much?

But I can only buy one - because that's all I can afford being a student. Predicament. In an ideal situation I would easily buy both because of the serious game play and HALO on Xbox (apart from Halo and GTA4, most other games are repetitive on Xbox 360) and the easy, fun and 'party' type play found in the Wii are two distinct personality for these consoles.

If only they were one console.

Wiis are now more expensive than Xbox. And wiis force you to buy a big TV if you haven't already got one - without the use of its HD. With Xbox you can implement the resolution although only play DVDs not blu ray.

We can say that the Xbox 360 is immersive and if you are not a hard core gamer, it can force you to become one with all the 'gamer points' - Ive seen it happen to people.. like a plague!

This can be good for depth...important to know you got your moneys worth to have a game which has a serious element, something solid. However, the wii is a pick up and go console, accessible as light fun for all which can keep you fit too! If you need a change from conventionalism you have this console. Unfortunatly I dont see many games on Wii that can offer serious games like Xbox.

Ultimately, the console you choose will determine who you are... who do you want to be is an alternative question...? I still want both, but because I'm studying I will go for Wii

7:16 AM  
Blogger ej said...

jeepers!! it's a toughy, isn't it?!!

i'm having the same problem deciding. although, after reading all the postd here, i can see the there's an overwhelming vote for the wii.. that's having an effect on my processing.

also, i read that the virtual console aspect of the wii incorperates All the old classics that i love.. not just the retro nintendo's, but the segas Plus the neogeos aes!! i mean.. that's just supreme, especially if your into retro gaming and also it means i can sell my retro consoles to go towards the cost of the wii!!

i think i've made my choice.
good luck with yours.


7:12 AM  

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