Saturday, February 11, 2006


ARG! So I got another chapter done on the book, kay?

So I decided to reward myself with goofing off with this GUI scripting language that I found for my PocketPC for an hour, kay?

I wanted to make a silly little 'archery speed round timer' that would automatically be able to handle different length shoots, and adjust the 'call outs' (verbal notes of the time), kay?

So 1 hour into it ... just about to stop ... I try one more thing. It works. Then I click a button, and the program crashes. .... CRASHES!, kay?

Guess what. I didn't save. Yes, I know. Always save. I do always save. I swore that I saved. It wasn't saved.


*sigh* ... back to working on the book.

PS. Dialect Pro appears to be an amazingly useful scripting tool for Pocket PC. So much that I obviously got so interested in 'tweak this tweak that', that I never saved. If you are using Dialect Pro ... Please save every 15 seconds. You'll thank me.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

More pictures

Oh, what the heck ... I threw some extra pictures of Ramsey, and of Heather and one of our cats online ...

Just head to the photo gallery and look at them all

Digg Telecommuting Room Setup

Ok, since I'm going to be telecommuting, I had to make sure that my office/computer room was perfectly setup. The last year of no telecommuting at all, made for a room that went downhill, and computer setup that went downhill as well.

Well, it's all done now ... so I took a few pictures while it stays pretty.

Head to my photo album to see it.