Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Ick ... felt nasty sick yesterday. And dunno why.

Anyway, been a while since I wrote in here. Guess the initial 'wow factor' and the need therefore to blog every day wore off. I still want to write here though, if nothing else, sorta as a documentation of my own life. So, on to random things:

Kingdom Archery Championship was bloody HOT. So bad in fact that the archery went rather slowly, and we had to cancel half of the shooting. The heat index was 106 and the chirgueon (person in charge of firstaid/safety/etc) was about to strangle my neck if we didn't call it quits. At least 5 people had to be treated for heat exhaustion. It was rough.

Hrmmm, Podcasts ... found another I've got hooked on as well now. Diggnation. I've run through a few others that I just didn't end up liking. Oh well. Still surprised that there isn't an SCA one, and while interested, I've got enough stuff on my plate than to try to do a podcast.

Servers. Getting a bit tired with my webserver solution right now. I'm running with Freeshell, which is a great organization, and I still believe in what it stands for, but on the other hand I've been trying to use it as a 'solution', for handling my email, my commerical server, my home server, etc. I then get frustrated when, for example, email goes down for a day. I don't have reason to though, I'm not paying a regular fee to them to maintain it ... so I'm looking around for a low-cost but decently featured hosting solution. Found a few, have sent out queries to them to see what kind of response time I get.

Well, guess that's about it for now. Need to think about more preparations for Pennsic. We are going to have to take alot more stuff with us this year with Ramsey coming along (at 6 months old). It'll be interesting to say the least!

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