Friday, June 17, 2005

Life Update

Well, since I'm letting people know that this blog exists, and some of the people I haven't been in touch with much, here is a quick update on what all is currently going on in life:
  • My son (Ramsey), is 4 months old.
  • I've gone back 'strict' on Atkins diet (versus my normal 'medium' level I use for hypoglycemia control) because of needing to lose weight again.
  • I've started doing Heavy fighting (Rattan, SCA) again regularly, since my new job is 5 minutes from a practice.
  • I also got whacked really hard in the shin at this week's practice and wasn't able to walk well for the next day.
  • I've ordered new armor as well, because I realized that I've been a fighter for 10 years, and am still wearing armor from like 8 years ago, with the stupid football helmet looking helm, and armor that doesn't really fit nice, and is awfully heavy. I ordered a bunch of hardened leather armor from and while I have a 'dream helm' ordered from a local armourer, I bought a cheap, but nicer than my current one helm that came the other night and I heat blued -- will have to get pictures up soon.


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