Saturday, November 12, 2005

Writing book & Xbox

Taking a brief break right now from working on a book that I am writing. It's a PHP programming reference book.

And man it takes some time to write a book. My wife offered to leave for this weekend and the rest of next week taking our son with her so that I could have some good uninteruppted book time to try to get ahead. Hopefully it's working. I did get 2 entire chapters written today, but they were short chapters. Oh well.

Oh, and I have a free Xbox coming to me as of today.

I used, and signed up for enough offers to get a free Xbox. It wasn't a bad process, except for the fact I had to have a 2 month long argument with them about one offer. Not really their fault though, the other company was refusing to pay them, so they weren't going to credit me.

Eventually I just said 'fine' (ok, that's the PG appropriate version), and signed up for a couple more offers ... within a few weeks had the points I needed and tadaaaa.

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